Who are we?

RDU Prays is a Christian Movement of United prayer and worship in the Raleigh-Durham Region, to seek God, lift His name above all other names, and contend for spiritual awakening in our time. We desire to see prayer lived out as an integral part of all congregations.

24/7 Prayer

The Strategy is simple. All churches, ministries, and university groups who proclaim the name of Jesus are invited to adopt and lead in their own expression, a full day of prayer (24 hours), or a half day of prayer (12 hours) every month. Together, the Church will unite and cover the RDU region in 24/7 prayer.


Our goal is for every church and ministry to develop a culture and regular rhythm of prayer. In order to reach that goal, we will equip and gather the Church in 24/7 prayer.

Equip- monthly days of prayer are not the end game—it’s the on-ramp.

Prayer Trainings- We will host classes, workshops and guest speakers to help strengthen all believers for more skilled and powerful prayer.

Pastor Prayer Meetings- Weekly prayer meetings for Pastor's and Leader's. A place for Pastor's and Leader's to be uplifted and encouraged while praying with area ministers is powerful and strengthens a deeper level of prayer for themselves and their congregations.

Prayer Prompts- We will provide regular prayer prompts that will be relevant to our communities and contain prayer requests from each of the 7 areas of influence.

Gather- We will gather under one name.

Day of Prayer- Each congregation will gather in their own expression for their day of prayer. Whether it is in corporate prayer, coffee shops, or in the comfort of your home, all that matter is that your congregation is praying during the hours adopted each month.

Prayer and Worship events- Monthly and Quarterly events will bring many congregations together in one location under the name of Jesus. These events will be held in different locations around the Triangle.

All Minister's Meeting- Quarterly, all pastor's and leader's will meet to pray, worship, fellowship and discuss together future initiates for the region which will continue to fortify the unity created. 

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